It’s an excellent question millions of online users wonder every day, and one that we’re asked all the time. The results donning photos definitely stand out and grab your attention; which is what you want in today’s competitive content marketing space. The photos you see is due to Google Authorship. Let’s explore how you go about setting up your own Google authorship.

Adding a photo for your content is a great way to get an edge on your competition, especially if you happen to be a small business owner or entrepreneur and have a product/service you need to promote. Users are able to do this through a great program called Google Authorship, which inserts a image next to the content in Google search engine results. These images are referred to as a “rich snippet.” Google Authorship is a simple and easy way to grow your brand and increase your web presence. For a visual example, let’s say you were searching for a Beef Hotpot recipe.

This would be your hypothetical search result on Google:

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Suddenly, rich snippets are making us very hungry.

The search results with the red box around them are the rich snippets, and chances are you would be more likely to click on that result. It’s much more eye catching and looks more professional than the search result without the image. In fact, a recent study found the click through rate (CTR) on a given topic increased by 150% once a rich snippet was added to a particular article. For a free and quick sign up process, the end result is immeasurably worth it for your business. You can sign up for Google Authorship in two quick steps, which you can finish before you’re done with your morning coffee.

Here are the two easy steps to sign up for Google Authorship.

1. Make a Google+ Profile

Fill out your basic profile information and upload a headshot. If Google+ looks slightly different than the last time you logged on the site, you aren’t going crazy. Google+ recently updated several areas of their user profiles, you can read all about the changes here.

2. Go to, sign up with your Google email and follow up with the verification email sent to you.

From there, you can either set up Google Authorship for the content you want showcased by linking your article to your current Google+ profile or linking your article to your Google+ profile with the email address you used to sign up. Google has some great tips here for linking your content with your activated authorship for first time users.

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The easy steps to link your content to your newly made Google Authorship.

Enjoy your new edge on competition and all the future clients, friends and opportunities Google Authorship will undoubtedly bring you! If you have any further questions, feel free to add them in the comment section down below.