Google Plus now has millions of active users as it has grown into a social network to rival the ‘big one,’ Facebook. If you are looking to share a piece of content, you can share it with people in your social circle by posting it on your Google+ profile. However, when looking to post professional content, the work circle is the ideal platform. Similarly, if you are a sports fan, a sports fanatic circle is the right place to meet like minded people and share your excitement and updates.

However, if you need some guidance on how to find friends on Google Plus, below are five tips you can follow. These are the best methods available for you to find people you want to add to your circles.

Find People on Google Plus

How to locate friends, co-workers, and other users.

1. Finding and Adding Friends through E-Mail

Google Plus enables you to find and add contacts and friends through their e-mail addresses. You can search Google Plus by email by logging in to your Google+ Account. Clicking the circle button on your Google Plus Account will take you to the circle page. The circle page has a Top Suggestions area where you will notice the Add a New person button. You can simply add your contact’s/ friend’s email address here and press “Enter.” Your friend profile’s name will be displayed and you can simply add the person by checking the circle and clicking the “Save” button.

2. Add People to Circle

Under the main options menu in Google Plus (top left corner of your screen), clicking the “People” button, followed by “Your circles” allows you to view who is in a circle by clicking on it to make it active. Here you also have the option of adding people to your circles by dragging their name to that circle. When you add someone, they will receive a notification that you have added them. However, the name of the circle you have added them to is not visible to them. To track somebody down within one of your existing circles, simply click on the circle to make it active, then in the top right corner of your screen where it says “Type a name,” you can enter the first few letters of the person you’re looking for, and assuming they’ve already been added to that particular circle, their profile should display.

3. Finding Classmates and Coworkers

You can find coworkers working in your company through the “Find Coworkers” button. To get there, click the “People” option under your main Google+ menu, then make sure the “Find people” tab is selected on the following screen. The search results will include all people who are working for the same company as you. If you haven’t entered your employment information into your profile yet, clicking “Find coworkers” will prompt you to fill out your employment details before delivering results. However, the “Find coworkers” functionality does not allow you to search for the employees who are working at a specific company location, unless of course you enter that into your profile. You can also find your classmates in the same manner. All you need to do, after clicking “Find classmates,” is find your school in the drop down menu, which is listed under “All Suggestions.” Simply enter the years you attended the school and Google+ will direct you to your classmates.

4. Find People through Google + Search Bar

The Google+ Search Bar allows you to find people on Google Plus in a specific location or city. You can simply type your query in the toolbar along with the city name to arrive at precise results. If the person you’re looking for doesn’t display immediately in the drop down menu, continue by click the search button, and on the following page click the “People and pages” tab to get the full list of results.

5. Using Google to X-Ray Google+ Search

The most effective way to search and add people on Google+ is by using Google! In fact, you can x-ray search Google+ using the search engine. An added advantage of this method is that this will enable you to carry out Boolean searches and you can find people on Google+ by location, workplace, school, and many other ways. This method is more commonly known in the SEO community as using search operators. For example, if you type this into Google: “John Smith” Miami

… you’re telling Google to search for “John Smith” in that exact order, while also containing Miami, in the site Google Plus. You can go crazy here and make this as specific as you’d like, and this can be used for searching anything, not just results from Google Plus!

Now you’re starting to see how easy it is to get started. Don’t wait to join Google+. Just set up your profile and start adding people to your circles using the five methods mentioned above. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your marketing presence and boost your SEO efforts with Google plus. Sign up and get started! If you’re looking to jump start your profile or business page with thousands of real and active Google plus followers, we have a service that over delivers!