So, you have probably created your social media channel on Google Plus. But probably you missed or didn’t know :

  • You can bring more social media traffic using your Google Plus Profile.
  • You can bring more search traffic using your Google Plus Profile.

Sounds look like interesting! So, here I am trying to show you how.

First of all you might know that Google Plus is one of the product of search giant Google. It is a social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter. Though Google Plus launched couple of years ago but its users rapidly increasing. You will be benefited by using Google Plus in two way:

1. It will build your community by doing Google Plus Marketing

By getting more followers on your Google Plus profile you can able to build your own community. If you are already have the verified Google Plus badge then the community automatically start giving you reputation power, trust rank and reliable authority. Once you managed you community with your desired number of followers then you can able to keep engage them in similar way what you might be done with Facebook or Twitter Marketing. You can post your photo, video or content to keep engage your Google Plus followers. Also you can use hash tag in your posting content. Using hash tag is one of most popular item of being displayed in Google Plus search result. But getting more followers in your profile it will give top authority of your profile and based on your profile authority, your post could show in the top search result. As a result you can constantly add new audience in your profile. And you can convert your  Google Plus audience into your loyal clients or customers.

So from our earlier discussion you can list some objective while you are going to do social media marketing at Google Plus

  • Producing High Quality Content
  • Using Hash Tag
  • Being verified on Google Plus
  • Getting Followers
  • Getting Google Plus votes
  • Getting Google Plus shares
  • Keep repeat

And then you can pretty much sure that you can able to grow you community and reach your social media marketing goal in Google Plus.

2. Get Top Search Engine Rank and Search Traffic By Using Google Plus

Google Plus one now playing social signals roll for your official website. Nowadays Social Signals and SEO are officially an item. Also Matt Cutts mention thatOver time, Google will care more about identity and social reputation. Plus, authorship give you a picture next to your content and we know people click more when they see images.” Getting more Google plus one votes and shares in your post, page and business profile giving you more social signals that help you to give you rank in Google Search Engine. As a result you can able to get the Search Traffic from it to your website. So you may use Google Plus Ones votes & shares to increase your social signals to get rank and authority of your website, brand and business.