Are you looking to post engaging content on Google Plus and looking forward to increasing the visibility of your posts? If so, using Google Plus trending hashtags can do the trick for you, and they’re really quite simple to use. The only factor you need to keep in mind is that your post needs to use relevant and trending hashtags, but at the same time, they should not be overused. Of course, the content itself must be relevant to the tags being used or the engagement won’t come and you’ll be entering spam territory. Posting different and interesting content that happens to be trending is a great way to break up your feed from the steady stream of website content and blog posts. It gives you a chance to re-engage users who haven’t interacted in a while, and provides an opportunity for new people to see your content who may not have seen your page or profile otherwise.

Hashtags help users organize their content better and enables them to find relevant information on Google Plus quickly and easily. Using hashtags which are relevant to your niche not only allows for better visibility of your posts, but also increases your overall reach.

A recent survey conducted by Radiumone revealed that over 50% of the readers said that they are more likely to read content which makes use of hashtags while over 70% of the mobile device users held a similar opinion. In case you are wondering where to find these Google Plus trending hashtags to make your posts more engaging and searchable, you can find them here:

While using hashtags is always a good idea, using trending ones provides additional benefits for your posts as these are what people are currently searching for on Google+. Using trending Google Plus hashtags in your posts will help you get more views by making your content appear in the search results to be discovered by users who currently aren’t following you. This benefit alone means that you should be including relevant trending hashtags in all of your off topic posts. The main difference between regular tags and trending tags boils down to current search volume. If it’s trending, it’s a hot topic!

When You Should Use Hashtags

The answer here is pretty simple. You should be including them on nearly every post if you want to maximize engagement and make your posts searchable. If you notice that your regular posts and website content have become stale and users aren’t interacting with your posts anymore, spice things up a bit by making posts on trending topics. Google Plus, despite common belief, has some form of a reach algorithm, and when your posts aren’t interacted with for long periods of time, the average reach per post will steadily decline. A trending post may be a good way to break the slump.

How to Use Hashtags

If any of the trending hashtags are relevant to your brand or business, then you should take full advantage and create a few posts over the course of a day or two about the topic. If you’re using images or information from other websites, make sure to properly source your finds.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

A safe strategy for using hashtags is to keep their use to a maximum of 3-5 times per post, and make sure they’re all relevant. When you use a large quantity of tags, 10 or more, your post will appear spammy and may deter users from interacting with your post because they were turned off by the abundance of hashtags.

How Do Hashtags Work in Google Plus

Using hashtags will help your posts get noticed by regular users searching within Google Plus, not only on topics, but also in photos and communities. Another advantage with using Google Plus hashtags is that these remain visible, unlike the hashtags that Google will automatically add to posts (if the option is enabled). The new Google Plus search window will actually show the shared content in real time, so anyone who’s researching a particular subject may be pleasantly surprised when a new post displays.

Google Plus Hashtags Are Integrated With Google

Lastly, the hashtag system used on Google Plus allows for easy searches by simply clicking on the hashtags within posts—this is why they’re blue in color as they’re direct links to the Google+ search results. It remains to be seen how using these long term can actually impact SEO, but it certainly can’t hurt things. They tell the search engines exactly what your post is about, they generate more engagement from users, they make your posts searchable, and everything combined can add a tremendous amount of value to your marketing campaign.

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