If you’re using Google Plus for your business, you’re most likely already aware of the vast potential the platform offers for expanding the reach of your business along with its national and local SEO benefits for your website. If you want to make the optimum use of Google Plus for your business, there are several tools out there designed to offer useful statistics, insights, and general time saving shortcuts to take your Google+ game to the next level. Listed below are the top 10 Google Plus tools for internet marketers:

1. CircleCount

CircleCount is a Google Plus tool which helps you in finding popular pages, communities, user profiles, and circles. With CircleCount, you have the option to display information like the most engaging content you’ve posted, all publicly shared circles which feature your profile, history of your follower growth, the average response per post, and a ton of other great information. This is perhaps the most useful analytics tool due to its seemingly overwhelming amount of available data. And it’s more useful than ever since it now features integration with the popular Google Plus browser extension, Circloscope (we’ll get to that one shortly—it’s awesome).

2. Timing+

Timing+ is a good one because I don’t believe any other tool offers such in depth information about timing, and let’s be serious, the timing of your posts is very important. It’s even more important on Google+ because once you get a ton of followers, especially if you partake in frequent circle shares, your audience will be very global. Check out your page’s demographics by clicking “view insights” on your Google+ dashboard and you’ll see what I mean. The insights are only available for business pages, not personal profiles. Personal profiles need to rely on third party tools for age, gender, and demographic data. So Timing+ helps you determine the best time for posting on Google Plus by analyzing the timings of your most recent 100 posts so you can post content when your followers are online. When posts are timed correctly, your engagement will increase!

3. Circloscope

Circloscope, a Chrome browser extension, is a circle management tool “on steroids” according to its creators. From my vast experience with this browser extension, I will say that it does everything it promises and then some, and is one of the best Google Plus tools out there. If you use Google+ at all, even casually, you’d be crazy not to use this extension. Instead of spending hours upon hours performing monotonous circle management tasks (adding users, removing users, organizing circles, finding engagers, targeting niche users, etc), you can do almost anything in minutes. I don’t know the creators personally and I’m not getting paid to write this—the extension is just that good. I could make a huge list of scenarios going in depth about all the practical purposes this extension can help you with, but I’ll just name one scenario and two ways to tackle it with Circloscope.

Let’s say you have a magic pill that guarantees to make any blogger 10x better at internet marketing. I mean, this pill is great, and it’s safe, so what blogger wouldn’t want it? How can Circloscope help?

Method 1:

  • Find a blogging community (1 minute).
  • Scrape all 5000 users in the community (2-5 minutes—1 click, but there’s some waiting involved with larger communities).
  • Create a filter to hide users who have not been active in the last 10 days.
  • Sort your remaining list by follower count from lowest to highest.
  • Bulk add 500 users (2 clicks) with the lowest amount of followers to an active bloggers circle. Low followers might be a clue that they need some marketing help!
  • Engage with your new prospects!

Now, let’s talk about another way to tackle the same marketplace with Circloscope. Same scenario as above, only now you have a competitor in the market place. His magic pill for bloggers is just as awesome as yours, and he’s got a ton of Google+ followers! How the heck did he get that many?!

Method 2:

  • Visit your competitors Google Plus page.
  • Grab the link for their top 5 or 10 posts in the past week or so.
  • Use Circloscope to scrape all engagers of those posts. You can scrape just those who commented, just those who plused, or just those who reshared, or all 3. (2-5 minutes, mostly waiting).
  • Bulk add 500 of their engagers to a new circle of potential customers.
  • Sit back, relax, and try to steal a few customers!

The things you can do with Circloscope are only limited by your creativity. Some other features include exporting data about your circles, uncircling inactive users, uncircling users who don’t follow you back, and much more.

4. Allmyplus

Allmyplus is a simple breakdown of all your activities on Google Plus with a lot of helpful statistics. Perhaps the best thing about this tool is that it’s extremely easy to use and it analyzes a community, a page, or a profile per your requirements. This helps marketers to uncover how their content is performing on Google Plus, along with that of their competitors. Some of the Allmyplus features are no longer supported to their full extent, but this can still be a pretty useful tool.

5. Steady Demand

Steady Demand is a Google Plus analytics and audit tool. Though the analytics feature is a paid one, the audit feature is free to use. All you have to do is plug in your Google Plus page URL, and the audit tool will check various items such as:

  • If your Google+ page is connected to your YouTube
  • If you have enough Google Plus followers for +post ads
  • If your website is connected to your Google+ page
  • Whether or not publisher markup is enabled
  • If a +1 button is available on the linked website
  • and more…


This isn’t really a Google+ specific tool, but it has a ton to offer our beloved GPlus. This tool is based on the chain reaction concept. IFTTT itself is short for If This, Then That. This tool regards the main action as a recipe, which is then followed by a trigger with the resulting action being hailed as the action. Check out some recipes for Google Plus, here. You’ll be able to accomplish some pretty nifty things like pushing your Google Plus posts to WordPress automatically, publishing posts to Twitter, or Tumblr, or setting up any random feed combination you would ever need to automate tasks and increase your reach.

There are many other Google Plus tools out there, but this is the cream of the crop. As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of Circloscope, a really big fan of CircleCount and Timing+, and a big fan of the others. The tools are out there for anyone to use. Check them out, add a few to your marketing arsenal, and beat the competition!