Google Plus offers immense potential for businesses through its business-friendly features. The advantages of signing up on Google+ and creating a business page can help you attract more customers as well as boost your search engine rankings when people interact with your content. Therefore, not only does this platform increase your exposure and following, but it also improves your chances of getting to the first page in Google search results for keywords relevant to your niche.

For that to happen, you need to get more Google Plus followers and they need to interact with your content—easier said than done. If you don’t have followers, your social media page won’t be much of a help to your marketing plan. Although, even with followers, you need a good content marketing strategy to be successful. And chances are, you won’t have a very large following if your content marketing is struggling, so they work hand in hand. The better you are at marketing your content, the easier it’ll be for you to grow a solid community of niche relevant followers.

If you’re on a budget, it’s possible to grow your page without spending a dime. It just takes a little work, but we’ll show you how. Without further ado, here are 10 ways to get free google plus followers to your business page or personal profile.

Free Google Plus Followers

A list of ways to grow your business page or personal profile on a budget

1. Create a Personal Profile and a Business Page

Ensure a strong presence on Google+ with a personal profile in addition to your business page. This is a good way to put a face with your company which can help build trust with other Google+ users. Your personal profile can be used simply as a means to reshare content from your business page if you so choose, but having both profiles just widens your potential reach.

2. Carefully Select Businesses and People to Add to Your Circle

To use Google+ effectively, you have to carefully search for the relevant people and businesses in your niche and add them to your circles. You can make use of the search function to find people who may be interested in your business. The Ripples feature will further help you determine the businesses and people who are worth investing time in and ones who are not. Take a look at some of your competitors page’s and take notice of the people who are engaging with their content. Circle those users and begin trying to develop a relationship with them.

3. Create and Join Communities that Are Relevant To Your Niche

You can search and join relevant communities or you can even create your own. Interact, share information, initiate discussions and ask questions with users to gain exposure and attract a highly targeted audience. The more relevant communities you’re a part of, the better. Don’t be afraid to build circles of engagers and invite them to a new community as well! It’s a great way to give it a jump start.

4. Learn to Engage In a Meaningful Manner

You have to engage with your target audience in a meaningful manner to capture their attention. Knowing the optimal time to post content on your pages will also help you to obtain your goal of gaining maximum exposure and response. This may require a working knowledge of the time zones, occupation and age group of your target audience. Updates and posts which are made after due consideration of these factors are likely to yield a more positive response. Timing matters.

5. Keep an Eye on Trending Topics

Be vigilant and keep a tab on the trending topics as this will help you to post your own relevant content related to what’s hot. Stay updated on these topics and when you’re able to, spice up your feed with something fun that happens to be trending. It’s an excellent way to get more engagement and increase your page views.

6. Get Familiar with the Notification Triggers to Use Them Effectively

Once you learn to use the notification triggers wisely, this will result in your notifications being sent to your network depending on their notification preferences. However, be careful to use this feature when it is appropriate otherwise you may step into spam territory. The last thing you want to do is tarnish your reputation for notifying anyone and everyone about posts they may not be interested in. Targeting the right people here is key.

7. Take Advantage of Google Hangouts on Air

What’s better than establishing yourself as an authority through Google Hangouts on Air. In the event you think you’re not an authority on a subject, you may want to get one onboard! Adopt all possible means to plan, prepare and promote the Hangout. You may also create a circle of Google+ users for the promotion of the Hangout. However, be sure to include only those among the circle you are targeting. Your creativity may be of use here and you may create banners and titles to attract people to the event. The invitees may also be encouraged to share the Hangout event news with their contacts which will result in further promotion of your brand.

8. Use the Power of Hashtags for Linking Your Posts

You should be familiar with hashtags which are used to tag updates and posts on a given topic or event on social networking sites. The good news is that these hashtags are now searchable on Google which means all the more reason to use these hashtags in your posts, or on the trending topics, to gain quick exposure. As always, don’t go overboard because too many hashtags can detract from the quality of your post.

9. Post Content and Updates Regularly

Why would anyone visit your page if you have nothing new to offer, don’t offer anything on the latest prevailing trends, and you very rarely update it? Once your circle feels they can rely on your pages for up to date information, they will keep on visiting your pages and may also share these with others in their network. Moreover, don’t feel reluctant to invite your contacts, customers and friends to circle your pages as this may not only mean more exposure but also more Google plus followers—that’s the goal here, right?

10. Incorporate Your Google Plus Page and Google Plus Profile

You can gain more exposure and promote your Google+ pages if you incorporate your business page in your advertising/promotional channels and platforms, in your business cards, and in e-mail signatures. You can also embed your Google+ page link in your author bio wherever you publish, and place a Google+ badge in the sidebar of your website. Be creative, put your work in, and you can get free Google Plus followers!

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