Setting Up Google Authorship: 2 Steps to Increasing Click-Through-Rates

It’s an excellent question millions of online users wonder every day, and one that we’re asked all the time. The results donning photos definitely stand out and grab your attention; which is what you want in today’s competitive content marketing space. The photos you see is due to Google Authorship. Let’s explore how you go [...]

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Top 6 Google Plus Tools for Internet Marketers

If you’re using Google Plus for your business, you’re most likely already aware of the vast potential the platform offers for expanding the reach of your business along with its national and local SEO benefits for your website. If you want to make the optimum use of Google Plus for your business, there are several [...]

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How to Use Trending Google Plus Hashtags

Are you looking to post engaging content on Google Plus and looking forward to increasing the visibility of your posts? If so, using Google Plus trending hashtags can do the trick for you, and they’re really quite simple to use. The only factor you need to keep in mind is that your post needs to [...]

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How to Find People on Google Plus

Google Plus now has millions of active users as it has grown into a social network to rival the ‘big one,’ Facebook. If you are looking to share a piece of content, you can share it with people in your social circle by posting it on your Google+ profile. However, when looking to post professional [...]

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6 Tips for Effective Content Marketing on Google Plus

Google Plus is more than just a social network. The fact is that this platform holds immense potential for businesses to gain exposure, engage their audiences and entice them through all the features Google Plus offers. The platform also offers enormous potential for effective content marketing and may help businesses enjoy improved search engine results—if [...]

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Google Plus Dashboard: Insights & Analytics Tool Overview

In the past, the Google Plus dashboard never really offered any quality insights to business page owners. People had to rely on third-party tools such as All My Plus Statistics or CircleCount to get the data they needed about the successes and failures of their business pages. While those are valuable resources, and each tool [...]

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Using Google Plus for Local SEO Strategy in 2016

Using Google Plus for SEO offers great opportunities for improving your website’s search engine rankings, increasing visibility, and helping to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Sound familiar? You’ve all heard some variation of this before. Google Plus has consistently proven itself to be a powerful platform for integrating online marketing efforts and [...]

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10 Free Ways to Get More Google Plus Followers

Google Plus offers immense potential for businesses through its business-friendly features. The advantages of signing up on Google+ and creating a business page can help you attract more customers as well as boost your search engine rankings when people interact with your content. Therefore, not only does this platform increase your exposure and following, but [...]

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How to Claim Your Google Plus Custom URL

This is going to be a short article which will hopefully clarify a few mysteries about what you can and can’t do with your custom URL for your Google Plus page, and will show you how to claim yours if you haven’t already. One of the main differences between Google Plus and other networks is [...]

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Google My Business: The Benefits Explained

If you think it’s important for your business to be discovered online, well, then you’re right. Now it’s up to you to make the task of finding your business online easy for potential customers. This is exactly what Google My Business does for you as it helps you get discovered by your customers, the ones [...]

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